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California regarding an owl family that lives on my roof...

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:48 pm    Post subject: California regarding an owl family that lives on my roof... Reply with quote

I have been living in my home in the high desert of California for a few years. When we moved in apparently the months prior when the home was empty pair of owls nested on my roof. Withen no the of moving in we soon had two baby owls along with the mom and dad. The parents are very large with wing spans easily 4+ feet and the babies were the cutest things ever with fluffy all pure white coats. we literally have a bone graveyard in our front yard that when you look it serene as though we have white rocks in our red rock area of the yard but when you look close you can see entire skulls vertabrates femurs etc of what mostly looks like field mice and Im pretty sure bats with some smaller birds. It is a site to see that we get people from all over come to see our owls and their graveyard. The pellets come often but you wont see feathers that often. Our owls are very protective over the house and at first that would swoop down at people they screetch all the time hover close by like the se one story roof above the front door the lightpost out front or the walls surrounding our neighborhooods. They used to throw their pellets at me at night...only at me and waited for was only one owl but they never swooped at me like they do to most people. Over that first year I make certain sounds to let them know im home or trying to get their attention..they always acknowledge me if they're at home and I do provide a treat for them here and there. They took awhile to get used to as far as their being so heavy and the amont of noise they make when walking etc on the roof...they are very noisy for an hour or so every night when they hunt for food. If I see them on a wall or roof of someones home I like to make my noise when driving by them and get a kick to see if they will follow me home or at times beat me home. I know nothing of these Bordeaux.d laws and rules. I know their feathers are forbidden but what about their pellets. Am I allowed to offer them to schools sell them or do I need a permit. People keep telling us we could sell the pellets after they are sterilized in an autoclave and put on eBay etc. I have local schools ask if they could purchase them after the kids tell what we have at home. Its been years and I have always let nature blow them in my red rock and when they disingrate it became part of our rock bone graveyard...but with times rough and money scarce following a personal hardship I have concern to lose my home and my owl family. I considered selling some of the pellets to vet us back on our feet and stay together but I dont know if that is possible. Could someone please provide some education and knowledge in this area on legalities with respect to our family of owls? I appreciate any input comment and suggestion either possitive or negative.Due to my ignorance I just ask if you can explain in detail why you feel its OK or not OK so I understand and can make the right decision if legal. Thank you
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