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Bane (WIP)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:23 am    Post subject: Bane (WIP) Reply with quote

Name: Bane
Gender: Male
Species: Snowy Owl
Age: Approx. 42 (full) moons

Physical Appearance: A pearly off-white nocturnal with pyre grasped narcotic eyes. A nightmarish mystic purple is splattered and brushed onto its gale worn plumage. The gladdened maquillage surrounding its irises and somber beak is deceivingly luminescent; an intended illusion of radiance.

Personality: Despite what initial glances trick the mind into assuming, his whimsically painted plumage is only the beginning, a dusty veil in comparison to his vibrant charm revealed through flamboyant executions and silver-tongued mannerisms. He considers the abnormal colors adorning his feathers as splashes of his spirit rather than a facade. It is his belief that everything originated from the glorious stars and as all things do he too shall fade into the heavens with the imprint of his martial possessions and earthly memories in tow. His moral compass is askew yet without a heinous purpose his refuge in beholding a glimmering glitz could easily be repented in his final moments.

He tends to be somewhat of a glutton while not on a raid and very much so an easy come easy go gent. In times of festivities and drink he will impose on others; feigning ignorance as he is rarely not wished for or excluded from social gatherings. While a staggering hearty fool catastrophe does not become him but rather those who are drawn to his charisma. Because of this he comes across his fair share of grudges. He is a downright awful dancer as is his fate with all things beautiful without a weapon in his talons or an open beak. He is an ignoramus with everyday tools and makes constant blunders while pillaging due to being a lover not a fighter. Although technically a master of arms he prefers to rely on his gizzard; strong and true it is able to interpret gut feelings and get a read on others intentions.

History: WIP

Other: Picture that inspired the character. Dan Scott.

Please do not accept until WIP is out of the title Very Happy thank you.
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